Re: Shadows.

 From: Hakon Lie <howcome@w3.org>

| Yes. Shadows are an issue of style and should be addressed in CSS. The
| used of duplicate text/negative margins to achieve this is not a good
| thing as several people have noted. How about:
|   text-decoration: shadow(red, 0.1em, 0.2em);

The first argument should probably allow for a SELF value and for a
SRC=url form, as well as just colored shadows.

SELF would allow the shadowing to be in the color of the shadowed
material, without needing to specify it in the shadow spec; the
interpretation would be that the affected material would be drawn first
at the offset location, then again at the base location.

The SRC form would provide a background pattern; the renderer would use
it (possibly tiled) as the "color" of the offset copy of the material
(that is, it would create a background big enough for the shadowed
material, use the original material to mask that background to the shape
of the material, render that masked background at the offset location,
then render the original material over it).