RE: Problem with float left and drop caps

Jonas Salling writes:

 > Wouldn't adding "clear: left" to the first-letter would look like this: 
 > ----- he first line
 >   |   he second line
 >   |
 >   |
 > -----
 >   |
 >   |
 >   |


 > Adding "clear: left" to the containing P seems awkward...

That's what you will have to do. I don't find it awkward, but in the
case where you also have a floating image, you will not be able to
distinguish between the image and the drop cap since the drop cap is a
floating element. But, you would not want to combine floating images
with drop caps, would you?

Treating drop caps like any other element simplifies imlementations.
To meet your requirements, one would have to make special rules for
drop-cap elements, or introduce a general mechanism for dealing with
various levels of "clearing". Personally, I don't think it's worth it
for CSS1.



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