Re: Margins in MSIE (was font sizes...)

| Nonsense! If I want an 8 pixel upward offset on 40px type, that's
| what I should get when line height is 100%, previous bottom margin is
| 0, and top margin is -48px.
| You're right that the problem is line spacing. More specifically, the
| problem is that MSIE is not currently supporting it! With all margins
| set to 0 and line-height at 100%, 40px type should measure 40 pixels
| from baseline to baseline. MSIE seems to ignore the line-height spec,
| inconsistently. For example, 40px Comic Sans measures 56 pixels
| baseline to baseline. 40px Verdana measures 49.

Nope, 100% of a 40pixel font's line spacing is still the same as when
it was left open ... the 100% does not set the line spacing to the
point size...  try 40px/40px for that, but you are probably right, I
wouldn't be surprised if MSIE can't support it...

| > BTW, these are all reasons why I condone this effect
| I assume you mean that you _don't_ condone it.

hmm, another word that I learn doesn't mean what I thought it did...
damn!  Ok, I do not approve of its use, but I will support a
"text-decoration: shadow" providing it has the input of the people who
know this better than I...