Re: line spacing in MSIE...NOT!

> With line height set to 100%, MSIE displays 40px Comic Sans as
> 40/56px. It displays 40px Verdana at 40/49px. Similar discrepancies
> appear when point values are used.

So what's your point?  Different fonts will have different idea
of what "100%" line spacing is--that's a matter of the esthetics
of that particular font.  If you are making a document that counts
on exact line spacing, then you shouldn't expect it to work on
anything but what you test it on.

> Pages with drop-shadowed text via negative margins that look good
> with the current MSIE are going to look pretty bad when MS implements
> line spacing properly.

Sounds like they're doing it "properly" now.  And using doubled
text for drop shadows is going to look bad on everything.  Or
sound bad (on speech readers).  If you just can't wait for CSS
to have "text-decoration: shadow", then you've already locked
yourself into using a specific product for display; you can't
complain that a different product displays it differently--that's
exactly what you told it to do.