Re: Margins in MSIE (was font sizes...)

| From: David Perrell <davidp@earthlink.net>
| To: www-style@w3.org
| Cc: Carl Morris <msftrncs@htcnet.com>
| Subject: Margins in MSIE (was font sizes...)
| Date: Thursday, August 01, 1996 11:41 AM
| used the inline style drop shadow example at
| a starting point for my own examples but then realized that the
| there is wrong. I can't detail the error as I can't access that page
| this morning. It was the weird results I got when I used that code
| prompted my first message.)

Its up again, It runs from noon my time to about midnight my time... 
Let me know whats wrong with it, as the page states, it was contributed
by someone else, of course I had my fingers in it to make it more

| The issue with the left and right margins is that the second example
| should look exactly the same as the first, i.e. moving the shadow to
| the right should have the same effect as moving the red type to the
| left. If you look closely at the example you'll see that is not the
| case. What I found was that to get an accurate horizontal offset for
| right side drop shadow on centered text you need to offset the drop
| shadow to the right (with a left margin) and the text to the left
| a right margin).

No, thats not how margins, specially the right margin, works... 
setting the right margin only effects where the text is centered in
your example...  Theres the other flaw with shadowing effect... setting
the left or right margins of centered text changes where the text is
centered from...  Setting both margins at the same time may not produce
any change!  I think if you draw this out on paper I think you will

default margins:

|             Text Centered             |

reduced both margins:

   |          Text Centered          |

Text is still in same place, the margins do not effect the text, now,
change just one margin or the other

    |           Text Centered           |

|           Text Centered           |

This example clearly shows exactly what you are getting and proves the
point.  MSIE is setting the margins correctly...  I hope this cleared
things up...

I think if anything, it has some problems calculating horizontal margin