Re: backgrounds..

Carl Morris wrote:
> Can someone please shed some light on how backgrounds were to be
> implemented?  I am looking at how MSIE is doing it and saying "ARG!!
> It can't be!" :)
> MSIE doesn't even work if you put a background on a DIV...
> If you put a background (ie a color) on a H? tag MSIE only places the
> background directly under the text.  I beleive this is incorrect and
> should be placed from one margin to the other.  If a background is
> wanted on just the text then the SPAN tag should be used inside the H?
> tag ...  Does anyone feel the same, or different?

I've got an example of this problem at:


I posted a bug report to MS about this a few days ago, and got the
response that "none of the table attributes [for CSS] have been
implemented yet - width, border, padding, etc".

Their solution was to set the bg colour in a table cell, which is OK
except it doesn't degrade well to Netscape 3 because Netscape has no way
of changing the text colour in a cell.