font sizes...

MSIE's support of CSS1 lacks in another area, font-size.  MSIE takes
literal numbers on the font-size element as being either pixel sizes or
point sizes.  It also does not treat it as being relative.

"font-size: 1" produces a font with a size of 1 pixel (talk about
squinting!) while "font-size: +1" generates a font that is 1 point or
pixel larger than it used to be.

I now have a question.  Literal values were ment to be taken as a
relative font size in one of the 7 HTML font sizes.  My question is, if
the size is already 7 (xx-large) does a "font-size: +1" generate an
HTML font size of 8? (8 being aprox 150% larger than 7)

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