RE: negative margins?

Thomas Reardon writes:

 > Internet Explorer 3 beta2 supports negative margins, you can grab it
 > today off our site.  You can get some truly stunning effects with this.



There are some stunning screens waiting for you, go see them! It's
good to see professional designers finally getting to the tools, and
we're eager to see more. We, speaking from a W3C perspective, have
some concerns:

 - interoperability -- will this work in other CSS1 browsers?
 - the HTML markup (e.g. some of the effects require
   duplications of HTML elements to do shadowing). 

When we learn more about how designers will use CSS1, we can probably
work out solutions that will address these concerns. I see some more
values on 'text-decoration' coming...



Hakon W Lie, W3C/INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis, France
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