Re: CSS and Eccentric Poems.

Charles Peyton Taylor wrote:

> But isn't it planned to add a "style' attribute
> to all HTML elements?
> so one could do this:
> <P style="margin=5em"> Oh, happy blue dog </p>
> <P style="margin=10em"> your ceasless wanderings inspire
> Painters</p>
> and probably a lot more.

Of course, that assumes you want the extra line spacing that <P> gives
you. If not, you have to resort to something like this (which does just
what it's supposed to in NSb5):

<P>in Just-<br>
spring<SPACER TYPE="horizontal" SIZE=70> when the world is mud-<BR>
luscious the little<br>
lame baloonman

<P>whistles<SPACER TYPE="horizontal" SIZE=50>far<SPACER
TYPE="horizontal" SIZE=50>and wee

I admit SPACER is pretty clunky in there, but if anyone can tell me how
to do that with a style sheet I'm all ears.

Gayle Kidder

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