RE: Introducing NetscapeML

Alex Edelstein wrote:

There is indeed copious "market demand" for the simple yet powerful
extensions. We completed them earlier than we expected and are eager to
get them into a beta product and try them out. We continue to work on
implementing CSS and other HTML 3.2 features.

I believe you are confused. I certainly crave additional formatting control, not the least being element spacing and multiple columns. But "simple" and "simplistic" are not synonymous. And it seems to me Netscape's extensions are never as powerful as they could be with a little more foresight and consideration (the center tag vs a more general and powerful "align= " being one of many examples).

<SPACER> seems relatively innocuous. But powerful? Unless negative numbers are allowed, it gives no control over the arbitrary spacing automatically inserted after paragraphs and headings. And why "spacer?" If planning on supporting CSS anyway, why don't you use the same semantics and accept margin and spacing parameters for the <Hn>, <P>, and <DIV> tags?

Hooray for multiple columns. But why <MULTICOLS COLS=n>? Won't <DIV COLS=n> do as well without the added tag?

I would rephrase your description of what the market copiously demands as "simple, powerful, and efficient enhancements." By my standards, <SPACER> and <MULTICOLS> don't make the grade.

David Perrell