Re: Introducing NetscapeML

At 5:48p -0700 06/30/96, Alex Edelstein wrote:
>There is indeed copious "market demand" for the simple yet powerful

Where? ::looking around:: I don't see anyone, who knows of CSS, asking for
any such thing in HTML itself. If people don't know about style sheets,
then educate them! Point them to the URL (you know which one I mean) and
tell them it'll be in 4.0.

>We completed them earlier than we expected and are eager to
>get them into a beta product and try them out.

I believe that's called masturbation. <G>

>Alex Edelstein
>Group Product Manager, Netscape Navigator
>Netscape Communications Corp.

PS. This is almost as much fun as it was to watch the OpenDoc and OLE
    panelists slug it out at a Macworld Expo conference. :->

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