RE: Introducing NetscapeML

"Try them out"

Oh please.

This functionality was all raised in open spec meetings and Netscape
kept its mouth shut.  Then it went off and RACED to get out something
that would head off the emerging standard.  I have never seen anything
more disingenuous coming from Netscape.

Whatever, style sheets rule, this will go down as just yet another
random hack.

"continue to work on implementing ... HTML 3.2 features"  Um, Alex,
hello, you ALREADY implement it.


>From: 	Alex Edelstein[SMTP:alexed@netscape.com]
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>To: 	Thomas Reardon
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>Subject: 	Re: Introducing NetscapeML
>There is indeed copious "market demand" for the simple yet powerful
>extensions. We completed them earlier than we expected and are eager to
>get them into a beta product and try them out. We continue to work on
>implementing CSS and other HTML 3.2 features.
>Thomas Reardon wrote:
>> I want to be the first to.... 
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