Re: Introducing NetscapeML

Ka-Ping is right --in the world of free browsers users can *demand*
not plead.

To cite an example, I'm blind and use a talking computer. A couple of
months ago, I was (temporarily) thrilled to see an announcement coming
out of MicroSoft saying that their new browser would be accessible to
blind users using screen-access programs --the almost total
inaccessibility of NetScape has been a serious problem.

However my short-lived enthusiasm for MSFT was *very* short-lived
--after downloading their beta release that the announcement claimed
worked with speech access programs I was disappointed to see that the
Win95 screen access program I have (which is incidentally still Beta
after almost a year since win95 shipped)
could see even less of the IE screen than it could of the Netscape
screen. So simple choice --I went  tback to using William Perry's
excellent  W3 browser (though I know many scoff at an emacs based

The point I'd like to make is that there is a war out there to
convince all of us about what browser we should be using, and I'd be
very sceptical in the future about anyone's announcements.

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