Re: what happens if first-line contains markup?

> From: Chris Lilley <Chris.Lilley@sophia.inria.fr>
> Lauren Wood writes:
>  > It should be made clear in the draft that this applies to
>  > other than ALIGN, and that, as Chris Wilson said, if someone uses
>  > STYLE='font-style:none'> that it ends up in plain text. Otherwise
>  > are going to be trying to figure out why that happened. 
> Why? It seems simple. Some text was put in an I element. The suggested

> default rendering of I elements is italic text, if the user agent
> supports it. If someone puts a style attribute on an element, they are

> not going to be surprised if the style changes, are thay?

My answer to this one: when I told some randomly-chosen computer-type
people (who know HTML) that this was how it worked, they were surprised.
Readers could also be surprised that things that were emphasised when
they have style sheets turned off, are no longer emphasised when they
are turned on. I believe it to be a good idea to spell out everything in
a spec that might surprise people. The technical support department of
the company I work for spends a lot of time explaining these sorts of
details to users, and it would be thus be extremely helpful to have a
definite line or example in the spec to be able to point them to. It
would also help implementors.



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