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At 10:12a -0800 06/25/96, Charles Peyton Taylor wrote:
>>>> Chris Wilson (PSD) <cwilso@microsoft.com> 06/25/96 08:27am >>>
>>3) Add a second stylesheet value to the LINK REL attribute, e.g.
>>ALTSTYLESHEET, that would indicate stylesheets that should be
>>presented as alternatives, but not automatically applied.  I
>>personally like this one the best.
>This makes sense.  I know it's a matter of interface,
>but how would you let the user choose between styles?
>The reason I ask is that I have co-workers here who have
>vision problems, and it would be cool if the style sheet
>that was automatically loaded was one that had everything
>in large fonts.
>Like, say, she could adjust a setting in Internet explorer
>that would always download a "large" type style sheet.
>And everywhere she went on the web, she would see the colors
>and whatever else that the author intended, but it would
>all be in a large font, without her having to select it
>every time she went to a new site.

I was wondering about that, and cookies and the like. Let's say a site has
defined three stylesheets -- "default", "hi-tech", and "easy-read" -- and
you want to specify somehow that whenever you visit that site, "hi-tech"
will always be chosen (assuming a valid link, of course). Should that be a
browser issue, or handled by cookie communication, or some other method?

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