Re: LINK'ed style sheets

Why not simply specify that if there are no <STYLE> instructions 
inside the document, the first style sheet provided in a <LINK> 
should be used by default, and the other (if any) left as choices
to the user?


Chris Wilson (PSD) wrote:
> So, I don't have an obvious good solution for this.  IMO, for the
> reasons stated above, making <LINK> manual-selection-only is not a good
> option.  Three other options:
> 1) Add a new attribute to <LINK> to denote whether the stylesheet should
> be automatically applied.  If left sufficiently general, the same
> attribute could be used to tell a user agent to pre-load links (e.g.
> 2) Add a stylesheet-wide attribute to the CSS spec, which tells whether
> the stylesheet should be automatically applied or not.
> 3) Add a second stylesheet value to the LINK REL attribute, e.g.
> ALTSTYLESHEET, that would indicate stylesheets that should be presented
> as alternatives, but not automatically applied.  I personally like this
> one the best.

Carl Johan Berglund <f92-cbe@nada.kth.se>