RE: LINK'ed style sheets

Chris Wilson writes:

 > Planned implementation is, I believe, to apply <LINK>ed stylesheets
 > automatically, but allow the user to selectively turn them off. 
 > Comments on this plan are welcome.

This has been an item of discussion in the past. The current CSS1
specification reads:

  The 'LINK' element references alternative style sheets that the reader
  can select, while imported style sheets [in the STYLE element] are
  automatically merged with the rest of the style sheet.

I.e., the STYLE element gives the style sheets to be applied
automatically, while the LINK element refers to style sheets that can
be manually selected.

This policy allows both additive style sheets (a.la.
"green-headers.css" + "wide-margins.css" + "all-italics.css") and
alternative style sheets (a.la. "for-printers.css" /
"for-the-wired-generation.css" / "old-and-wise.css")

So, going back to Chris plans: if you apply all LINKed style sheets
automatically, how would you indicate alternative style sheets?



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