RE: LINK'ed style sheets

On Mon, 17 Jun 1996, Thomas Reardon wrote:
> Are there alternate solutions to this problem that work with the loads
> of existing content out there now?  Thats the problem with growing a
> spec organically, there's all that existing-use. its not a W3C problem,
> its an Internet problem.
> I agree that Netscape and for that matter Microsoft should have just
> eaten the bullet and accepted that downlevel browsers would see crud on
> these tags (SCRIPT and STYLE), but the sense of the community that I've
> read so far is that this is too painful.

One solution is to use linking rather than embedding.  In the case of
style sheets, this is already possible via the <LINK rel=stylesheet> 
mechanism.  I also understand that Netscape originally intended to 
include an optional SRC attribute for <SCRIPT>, which would have made 
it possible to store scripts in a seperate file, but was unable to 
include this in Navigator 2.0 due to production deadlines.  (I am 
unsure whether or not this was incorporated into later releases.)  

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