Re: LINK'ed style sheets

I think that using CDATA as the content model for <STYLE> and <SCRIPT>
would solve most peoples' concerns and avoid the need for escaping
characters line < or &

In this kind of element, only one delimiter is recognized by a conforming
parser: the end tag open (ETAGO) delimiter (i.e. the string "</"). The
recognition of this delimiter is constrained to occur only when immediately
followed by an SGML name start character ([a-zA-Z]). All characters which
occur between the STYLE or SCRIPT start tag and the first occurrence of
ETAGO in such a context must be provided to the appropriate script engine
or style sheet mechanism.

Note that all other SGML markup (such as comments, marked sections, etc.)
appearing inside a STYLE or SCRIPT element would be construed to be actual
character content of the STYLE or SCRIPT element and not parsed as markup.
A particular script engine or style sheet mechanism may choose to treat such
markup as it wishes. The use of a SGML comment to hide content from down level
browsers is then a matter for the application and *not* for the SGML parser.

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