Re: text/css?

Chris Wilson (PSD) wrote:
> text is also to be used for content types where the user agent might be
> able to discern some information by degrading to "text/plain" - which is
> marginally true in the case of CSS.  :^)
>         -Chris
> Chris Wilson
> cwilso@microsoft.com
> -[-


While we've got you on the line how 'bout offering us an example of how 
Microsoft Internet Explorer will support linked CSS. I know this linkage 
is tightly controlled now, with the server having to return the css 
type, but Msoft has said the next beta of MISE will loosen this 

How about an actual example of a full style sheet, from body texts to 

I'm struggling with incorporating the <STYLE> element in my web pages 
for the Public Relations Society of America and would dearly like to see 
an example....

Allen Miller

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