RE: text/css?

text is also to be used for content types where the user agent might be
able to discern some information by degrading to "text/plain" - which is
marginally true in the case of CSS.  :^)

Chris Wilson

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>Subject: 	text/css?
>Michael Seaton writes:
> > I'm puzzled that CSS's media type was registered under TEXT rather 
> > than APPLICATION.  Apart from the descriptive labels in !legal 
> > declarations, CSS does not really have any textual content to 
> > speak of.  Does TEXT simply denote a human-readable media type?
>Text was chosen for two reasons:
>1) Since CSS can be embedded in HTML, we thought it best to use the
>   same main type as HTML.
>2) 'text' is shorter and easier than 'applictaion'. And easier to
>   write :-)
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