Re: Caching of Style sheets

Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
> How would you then handle this situation:
>   * Author of published stylesheet modifies it.
>   * Subscriber A wants any updates automatically.
>   * Subscriber B want to stick with original.
> What do you do about the ID conflicts which will ensue? Do you assign a new
> ID every time the stylesheet is updated? Looks like a nightmare to me. A
> URL-based scheme would avoid conflicts -- just point to whichever
> stylesheet version you want. Version 1.0 is at URL x, version 1.1 is at URL
> y.
> Good point. I think you can deal with it this way: 
The author changes the UUID each time the document is revised.
Subscriber B includes the UUID in the link to the style sheet, 
Subscriber A does not. Adding a version semantic to the URL helps URL
based caching but it doesn't help duplication of style sheets (I can't 
imaging many webmasters wanting external links to something as 
fundamental as their style sheets). Simple UUIDs allow style sheets to 
be replicated without interfering with the caching. 

Clark Breyman
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