Re: An alternative strategy

[Scott Preece:]

| I'm a little curious whether it [DSSSL] supports anything like the
| context selectors in CSS1 (does that "(element (ul li)..." mean an li
| inside a ul?).

Yup.  The ability to use context goes way beyond CSS.

| Is the context stacck exposed to the code in the
| element descriptions (can you treat it like an a-list or like the
| environment in a closure)?

I'm not sure what that last part means, but in full DSSSL you have
access not just to the current stack but to the entire document

| What makes me really nervous about this notation is whether it implies
| more than it delivers.

DSSSL is a whole lot more than what is implied by the example.  For
details, read the standard.

| Is it really Scheme or does it just use the
| notation and allow a few of the operations in specific places?

It's the side-effect-free subset of Scheme.  The language is Turing
complete.  In full DSSSL, you are free to define your own functions.