RE: An alternative strategy

Chris Wilson writes:

 > Jon Bosak writes:
 > >I absolutely agree with you on this point.  But I bet that not many
 > >people will really want to code full-blown CSS stylesheets by hand,
 > >either.

I never found much difficulty hand-coding CSS myself. In fact, I found
it easier than HTML, because of the simpler syntax and semantics of
CSS compared to the rather baroque rules that valid HTML (and hence
SGML) imposes.

 > I'd be delighted if authoring tools supported the creation of style
 > sheets ASAP so that users wouldn't have to hand-author them.  

Recall that an HTML editor which offered GUI editing of CSS-1
stylesheets was demonstrated in the exhibition of the *last*
conference, at Boston.

 > In comparing CSS and
 > DSSSL, it seems that CSS is easier for most non-technical authors to
 > understand, so if they HAVE to hand author a style sheet, I believe it
 > would be easier for them to do in CSS.

I suspect you are right, there, although it is difficult to do
comparisons. Perhaps someone such as Jon could post the DSSSL-O
translation of the 'default HTML 2.0' stylesheet at the back of the
CSS-1 spec, to facilitate such comparisons.

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