RE: CSS and SGML document formatting -Reply

[Chris Wilson:]

| I would be very surprised if the difference between pre-DSSSL and
| post-DSSSL code size would be 100k or less.  However, even so, looking
| at DSSSL, large portions of functionality would have to be added to
| non-SGML-based Web tools (the top 10 or so most popular web browsers,
| definitely) in order to support DSSSL.  The concept of a tree
| transformation engine, for example, is difficult to grasp in Web
| browsers that currently don't even maintain document structure according
| to the strict SGML nesting model.

Just to be clear -- the dsssl-o subset designed for initial use with
browsers and editors doesn't include the transformation piece at all
(see http://occam.sjf.novell.com:8080/docs/dsssl-o/do951212.htm).
Which is not to say that implementing it would be trivial.


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