Re: Popup windows & style sheets -Reply

Just a quick thought:

It seems that most of the thought on this subject is 
toward modifying the <a href> link to make whatever 
it links to a pop-up window, either via an attribute
or style sheet.

Is there a reason why ppl aren't looking at modifying 
the target?  (ie. making a paragraph, table, or <div> 
a pop-up regardless of where it's linked from.)  It 
seems this would be easiest when linked with ID 
attributes, but that might limit it's backward 

I don't think opening a whole new window is the way to 
go, partly since that's already availble from the user's 
standpoint, (at least in Netscape.)  IMHO, pop-ups would 
work best as short peices of info that might or might 
not be necessary to understand a document, depending
on how much the reader already knows.  (But then, I 
still have footnotes on my mind.)

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