Re: Popup windows & style sheets

Scott E. Preece wrote:

Where to display links:
> Should be specifiable (display-in: main-window | same-window |
> new-window) as property of the anchor.

Couldn't these use the target names: "_top", "_parent" (... child, 
cousing, uncle, wife...) and so on that netscape allready supports?

When to dismis:
> Should be specifiable (popup-duration: persistent | while-held |
> explicit-dismiss)

How about this: there would be two kinds of popup windows, those that 
have "close" buttons and then those that stay on until you move the mouse 
away from them?

> | - does the pop up need a title?
> Yes (should be attribute of the tag).

Do they really? I think they are not neaded as they consume precious 
screen space (could this be optional).


As popup windows are floting objects (you can move them around), they 
would be ideal places for things like site-spesific navigation buttons 
(talking about navigation aids doesn't sound nice).  I know there is 
allready the <BANNER> tag (element) for this purpose, but it isn't 


If only all A HREF tags had width and height...

Heikki Vesalainen

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