Re: T.E.O.'s Draft--Cascading Speech Style Sheets (txt)

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your note --first for the helpful comments-- and second in your
help in cooling the air -- that was sorely needed.

I posted a revised spec this morning that incorporates Evan's earlier comments
--so now the spec allows relative and absolute settings in most places.

The following statement is not an excuse, but the initial version I sent out
was *a draft* and I've been swamped by  real work which is why getting the
revised spec out based on  the feedback from the net  (including Evan's
detailed list) took time.
Note: The speech-style sheet spec is  something I'm primarily working on in my

I'd be happy if you found the time to take what I posted today and make
revisions to it --that may be a faster way of getting through the various revs
of this spec.
For the first-pass doing this via email is probably good enough --I've got the
version I posted today RCS checked in, so if you dont make drastic edits that
blow RCS out of the water, we should be able to make decent headway.



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