Re: CSS1 Clarification

Sorry this is a bit late, I have been off work for a week.

Bert Bos said:

> How about this: view "font:a/b c d e" as a *macro* (rather than a
> shorthand) for
> 	font-size: a
> 	line-height: b
> 	font-family: c
> 	font-weight: d
> 	font-style: e
> The cascading rules would then be applied *after* the `macro' has been
> expanded. (The word `expanded' is just a way of explaining the
> meaning, it doesn't say that an implementation should actually do
> macro expansion.)
> What do people think?

I think this is helpful. If you are going to have syntactic sugar, it 
is most helpful to explicitly state what it is sugar for.

Does this also mean that automaticly generated stylesheets should 
preferentially use the expanded form? This would seem to make sense,
if the sole reason for the font property is to save a bunch of typing.

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