Re: FW: Font-family specification

   From: boo@best.com (Walter Ian Kaye)
|   Hmm. (BTW, do the cc'd recipients wish to be cc'd in addition to www-style?)

It's conventional, since sometimes people who don't read the list get
|   How about having the font substitution specified separately from the style
|   assignment? Like, just have a dedicated region in the style sheet for a
|   font substitution table. That way you can limit the number of font names to
|   1 in the 'font' property without losing substitution ability. Besides, it
|   will make for much cleaner code, which is what style sheets are trying to
|   do for HTML in the first place, so let's do likewise for the style sheets
|   themselves.

So, you're suggesting adding something like:

	fontmap	{body: "Times New Roman" "Palatino" "Roman";
		 structural: "Lucida Bright Medium" "Helvetica" "sans"}

to define internal names that would be specified in font-family and
font specifications:

	H1	{font: 16/24 structural bold}
	P	{font-family: body}

That seems like a good idea to me.  It doesn mean that the stylesheet
has to have a place and syntax for such specifications, which it doesn't
seem to at the moment.  I used the sytax of style rules above, for
parsing convenience, but it might be better to add a separate struture
to the stylesheet for information that applies across rules.  This would
also be where, for instance, you would specify that color names should
be interpreted as CNS names or that the default for unscaled units
should be picas.

An alternative is to add "=" as an operator and put this stuff in as
pseudo-properties allowed only in the right hand sided of BODY rules:

	BODY	{fontmap:	body= "Times New Roman" "Palatino" "Roman";
		 fontmap:	structural:  "Helvetica" "sans";
		 colormap:	CNS}


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