Re: CNS colors

   From: Hakon Lie <howcome@w3.org>
|   Using CNS, one can express 627 separate color names, and the authors of
|   the paper claim to a high degree of accuracy in user studies.
|   In order to incorporate CNS into CSS we need some sample code for
|   convert to RGB, and to resolve the 'magenta' conflict. Before we go
|   ahead with this, what are people's reactions?
|   [1] T Berk, L Brownston, A Kaufman: A New Color-Naming System for
|   Graphis Languages, IEE CG&A, May 1982

Simplicity is a virtue.  On the other hand, the paper cited is 14 years
old, which is plenty of time for experience to have been developed.  Is
this commonly used anywhere (I'm just asking, not implying that it is or

Actually, maybe we should build in the possibility of different color
units, byt allowing value prefixes like
	rgb:0 255 0
	cns:light blue
	local: red
where "local" means the browser should use whatever is the native
mechanism for its windowing system to map the name to a reasonable local


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