Re: CSS1 Clarification

   From: Bert Bos <Bert.Bos@sophia.inria.fr>
|   Good point. The intention is that `font-size' only overrides the font
|   size. The rest (16pt, helvetica, bold, normal) is not affected.

Thanks for the clarification - I'd wondered about that, too.

|   How about this: view "font:a/b c d e" as a *macro* (rather than a
|   shorthand) for
|	   font-size: a
|	   line-height: b
|	   font-family: c
|	   font-weight: d
|	   font-style: e
|   The cascading rules would then be applied *after* the `macro' has been
|   expanded. (The word `expanded' is just a way of explaining the
|   meaning, it doesn't say that an implementation should actually do
|   macro expansion.)

I would suggest that in the description of the font property you replace
the existing sentence "Setting the properties individually override the
shorthand notation if the weight is otherwise the same." with something
like: "This notation is exactly equivalent to including separate lines
setting the provided individual font-size, line-height, etc., properties
at the same point in the stytlesheet.  Properties left out of a font
specification are not affected in any way."

I would also re-suggest that we change the syntax to require separators
between the components of the font notation (preferably either '-' or
',') and require that all separators be present even if some component
properties are omitted.


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