Re: FW: Font-family specification

   From: "Chris Wilson (PSD)" <cwilso@microsoft.com>
|   Chris Lilley wrote:
|   >I would also like to see spaces allowed in font names.  This could be
|   >done by choosing some character as a separator (such as the comma Chris
|   >suggests) <...> or alternatively by quoting 
|   Several other people have suggested quoting; I agree quoting should be 
|   allowed (that is, in the spec and supported), but I think a non-whitespace 
|   separator should be used anyway, for the following reason.

My own inclination would be to require quotes for any names that include
whitespace.  I guess I wouldn't be adamant, though, because this list is
disjunctive rather than conjunctive, making it at least a little like
the list of selectors, as opposed to a set of values.  So, I wouldn't
object to comma separation, but I would like the standard to use only
quoted strings in examples.  I do think allowing unquoted multi-word
names is confusing.

b/t/w - I believe the current grammar would not support the suggestion - I
think it requires quoting.


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