Re: Inheritance of column attributes

   From: preece@predator.urbana.mcd.mot.com (Scott E. Preece)
|   The current draft says "Since the COL and COLGROUP elements have no
|   content, they are not suitable for setting other style properties than
|   borders."
|   I don't think this is acceptable.  CSS should specify that TD and TH
|   elements inherit from both the SGML hierarchy (TABLE, THEAD|TBODY|TFOOT,
|   TR) *and* from the COLGROUP and COL elements defining the column in
|   which the cell occurs.  The browser is already going to have to do the
|   necessary work to trace that inheritance in order to get rules right, so
|   we may as well allow the stylesheet author to use it as well.  Styling
|   of columns seems to me to be at least as useful as styling of rows.  My
|   own inclination would be to take column as "more specific" than row, for
|   resolving conflicts, but either is OK so long as the spec says one or
|   the other.

Note that one particular form of inheritance I want to make sure of is
that an ID on a colgroup or col will select any of the cells in the
columns defined by the colgroup or col.


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