Re: draft-ietf-html-style-00.txt & class as a general selector

lilley@afs.mcc.ac.uk writes:

 > Someone who personally hates strike-through but their device supports it
 > has no option but to live with it. Their style sheet cannot over-ride 
 > yours. You have removed freedom of choice from the reader by not naming 
 > the distinctiveness of your para 14

No. In CSS, the reader can supply a personal style sheet and by
labelling declarations as "important", they will override the author's
style, including STYLE attributes. True, the author can do the same
and will win. The user then has the option of turning the author's
style off (again including STYLE attributes) and rely on the personal

Perhaps the "including STYLE attributes" should be clearer in the
specification. Putting declarations into attributes should not be a
way of dictating style.



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