RE: draft-ietf-html-style-00.txt & class as a general selector

Hakon writes:
>cwilso@microsoft.com writes:
> > I *WOULD* like to see, however, the ability to set style properties on a 

> > class independent of the element name.  E.g.: [CLASS="foo"] { color:blue 
>Yes, we plan to put this in. Various notations have been suggested:
> [CLASS="foo"] { color: blue }
> *.foo { color: blue }
> .foo { color: blue }

I agree that the first one is a little verbose, but it seems to fit nicely 
with the proposed addressing in CSS2.  I intensely dislike the second, 
because, as you said, it seems to indicate that any form of wildcards would 
work.  The third fits nicely (hmm, it might fall out of a parser easily), 
but does sort of look like a typo.