RE: draft-ietf-html-style-00.txt & class as a general selector

cwilso@microsoft.com writes:

 > I *WOULD* like to see, however, the ability to set style properties on a 
 > class independent of the element name.  E.g.: [CLASS="foo"] { color:blue }
 > Should this be allowed in CSS level 1?  It is similar to the 
 > TAG[ATTRIBNAME="value"] selection described in the sketch of Level 2 in the 
 > fifth draft spec.  It would seem an intelligent thing to add to Level 1, 

Yes, we plan to put this in. Various notations have been suggested:

 [CLASS="foo"] { color: blue }
 *.foo { color: blue }
 .foo { color: blue }

The first one is verbose. The second introduces wildcards which CSS1
isn't quite ready for (people would e.g. expect "H?.foo" to work). The
last reminds old-timers of ?roff, but otherwise goes well along with a
principle in CSS1 context-sensitive selectors: wildcards are there by



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