RE: Comments on CSS, Level 1, 23-Nov-95

Or bg-fade & bg-fade-direction.


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At 4:16p 12/04/95, Hakon Lie wrote:
>lilley@afs.mcc.ac.uk writes:
> > > (12) bg-light-source - move to level 2 (please don't propose new and
> > > exciting but unimplemented properties for level 1!)
> >
> > I agree that the name is misleading; it does not specify a light source.
> > It specifies a way of interpolating between two colours. Unlike Glenn I
> > think this should (suitably renamed) be in CSS level 1, precisely 
> > it allows those mid blue to dark blue transitions (for example) that are 
> > popular for presentations and which canniot be done in a window-size
> > independent manner in current UAs.
>Yup. Do you have a better name/metaphor? Also, the use of N(orth)
>S(outh) etc to specify a "light-source" (ooops, there is is again) was
>a first attempt. Suggestions welcome, even if is seems like it will
>end up in CSS2.


  "gradient", "gradient-angle"

   Other forms: gradation, gradate (verb)

to use terms found in my paint program's manual...

(Not to be confused with graduate/graduation which is something different.)


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