Re: Property Names and Value Identifiers

I would suggest the following changes:

    alt-firstline   alt-first-line
    blockafter      block-after
    blockbefore     block-before
    box3d           box-3-d
    floatleft       float-left
    floatright      float-right
    leftfooter      left-footer
    leftheader      left-header
    loweralpha      lower-alpha
    lowerroman      lower-roman
    rightfooter     right-footer
    rightheader     right-header
    shadowbox       shadowed-box
    upperalpha      upper-alpha
    upperroman      upper-roman

My dictionary seems to prefer 3-D over 3D and "shadowbox" is a verb which
doesn't seem appropriate here, thus shadowed-box.  Both "uppercase" and
"lowercase" are in my dictionary as such.