Re: A nit and an addition for the current draft

>The intention is that color names are entered as keywords without
>quotes. The reasoning behind this is, that, presumably, the number of
>color names is small, so they can be entered in the parser's hash

I think that's going to prove confusing to lots of people, since it's
inconsistent with HTML (or at least, HTML as widely implemented.)  In
an HTML document, I can write

	<img src=foo.gif>


	<img src="foo.gif">

and they'll be interpreted the same way.  That's the expectation people
will have of the style sheet syntax, it seems to me.

>For inline images, there is currently only text-line (provisional
>name). We forgot to specify that `border' applies to included material
>as well. This should be fixed.

Am I correct in assuming that it's intended to be used like this?

	(a) img : border-style = none

If so, I don't like the "normal" value of border-style, since what's "normal"
is context-sensitive.  Maybe "minimal" instead?

In any case, I don't have a problem with it being supported under level 2;
my guess is that most browser writers, when they add stylesheets to their
browsers, will do all of level 1 and much of level 2.

>Btw. is a line break allowed before/after an image?

Unless it's in a <p nowrap>, I'd say yes.  (BTW, am I correct in thinking
that there's no nowrap attribute for anything but paragraphs in HTML 3?)


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