CSS Draft 8/95: prioritised fount lists

Thore Husfeldt writes:

 > I propose to change the value of "font" to
 > 	[ size [/leading] family [weight] [style] ]+
 > very much like the value of "font-family." This would allow the following:
 >     font = 
 > 	12pt/14pt bembo demi-bold
 > 	12pt/12pt new-century-schoolbook
 > 	12pt/14pt times 
 > Note that this is a very slight change indeed.

It's a slight change in syntax, but a major change in functionality.
You propose to group a set of properties and only apply the values if
all of them can successfully be set. The basic problem is: how do you
define success? One example: the style sheet requests font-family
Univers, but the renderer only has Helvetica (which is almost
identical) and proposes to substitute. Is this a success, or should
the styler move on to the next group?



Hakon W Lie, W3C/INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis, France

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