Re: BAD HTML flag

Hakon Lie answers to Benjamin Sittler:

%  > Isn't the whole idea of ! insist so that the user can override stylsheet
%  > settings? The author can disable error flagging in documents, but the user
%  > can override that with his personal stylesheet. 
% Yes, in that regard it fits well into the model. However, there are
% some properties that people feel should be the sole responsibiliy of
% the browser/reader. Examples include the dimension of the window, the
% use of anti-aliased fonts or not, and now the flagging of errors.

This could be debatable.
I think that the author should have the possibility to suggest what he
believes it's the best window dimension (for example because her text has 
a lot of 600*400 pics :-) ). Of course this could lead to very bad documents,
but I don't know whether one of purposes of style sheets is to educate the 
HTML writer.

ciao, .mau.