Re: BAD HTML flag [was: Re: Broken parsers need to be fixed (was Re: no dtd? no]

   From: Hakon Lie <Hakon.Lie@sophia.inria.fr>

|   I've added the $HTML_ERROR selector to the list of proposed
|   environment variables in the last CSS draft specification [1]. But,
|   that whole section is under fire. Among the strongest charges against
|   it is the possible introduction of asymmetry ("the user can do this,
|   but not the author"). And, we probably wouldn't want authors to turn
|   off the flagging of errors.

Actually, it might be perfectly reasonable for an author to turn off
error-flagging (if, for instance, the current version of the document is
incomplete or is a pre-existing, non-conforming document), so long as
the reader is allowed to override that choice.


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