CSS draft specification

A new version of the CSS draft specification is available from 


Changes include:

 - a formal grammer has been added
 - levels have been introduced: "level 1" is a subset of the full
   functionality, but should be powerful enough to express common
   styles and stable enough to start implementing.
 - the list of style properties has been changed and extended
 - the SGML-ization of the document has continued
 - the syntax has been cleaned up (we think :-) 

This is the third major revision of the specification. It is on its
way from a loose collection of ideas to an Internet-Draft, and we plan
to finish by the end of 1995. We encourage comments, especially with
regard to the separation of levels (is level 1 still too fat?), the
naming of properties and values (some have question marks behind), and
the idea of using CLASS as selectors.

Hakon Lie
Bert Bos