Re: Content-type and suggested file extensions for CSS

> From: Hakon Lie <Hakon.Lie@sophia.inria.fr>
> Mike Batchelor writes:
>  > text/stylesheet; version=css     (extension .css)
>  > text/stylesheet; version=dsssl   (extension .dsssl or .dss)
>  > text/stylesheet; version=viola   (extension .ora or .viola)
>   style/css
>   style/dsssl
>   style/viola
> It will probably be tougher to establish style as a main type (does
> anyone have recent experiences with IANA on this?), and it may
> encourage diversion rather than standardization. Is this good or bad?

Since these seem to be pretty clearly in the application class, maybe
it should be:


On the other hand, a main type for "extra information" that one would
expect to be included in an object makes sense. Other examples might
include fonts, color maps for images, and probably others.


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