Re: Oversize / Dropped Caps and Initials


I just wanted to know... are we still saying that the notation should go 
from more general to more specific?
Because, if so then, I think that the examples noted >, should be more 
like those noted as >>.

>  P: big.font.size = 30pt          // or better, a relative size
>> P: font.size.big = 30pt

>  P: alternate.font.style = uppercase
>> P: font.style.alt (-ernate) = uppercase

>  P: big.font.size = 30pt; alternate.font.spacing = 140%
>> P: font.size.big = 30pt; font.spacing.alt = 140%

Or did I miss some point in the discussion that changed this?
I have seen you and others use these types of misordered (or not?) 
notation, and so I was just wondering.  Thanks.

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