Re: Border Styles

Benjamin Sittler writes:

 |I'd like to propose a set of stylesheet properties for CSS: border.*
 |This would be used to put outlines around paragraphs, titles, hyperlinks,
 |etc., and would also be useful for tables.
 |border.style = none | single | double | 3d
 |border.size  = narrow | medium | wide | <spacial>
 |border.color = <color>

It should probably be made more general than this, in the sense that
the four sides could be specified independently.

Also I think that `3d' should be subclassed: etched-in, etched-out,
shadow-in, shadow-out. Maybe some styles can also have a dashed
variant: single-dashed, double-dashed, etched-in-dashed,

Not only the presence/absence of borders should be in the style sheet,
but also the position of the lines: how much space between the text
and the frame.

I like the possibility to use keyword values for `size' (maybe
`thickness' is better?).

Have you seen <http://www.let.rug.nl/~bert/Stylesheets/textfont.html>?
It contains (among other things) a proposal for combining the border
style attributes with those for paragraph breaks and margins to find
the size of the frame.


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