Re: Welcome!

At 10:53 AM 5/29/95, H&kon W Lie wrote:
>Welcome to www-style!
>More than 100 people have added themselves to the www-style list after
>it was announced this weekend. The list should now be operating
>properly, and Nick Arnett has volunteered to archive the discussions
>at [1]. Thanks!

At the moment, we're set up to keep about 28 days' of messages in the menus
and searchable archive.  I can extend that easily, but we're also working
on a more permanent archive.  The URL you listed:


is a menu item with links to several document and markup-related lists.  To
go directly to the default menu for www-style (messages sorted by date),
it'll be:


Of course, the message will also be searchable.


P.S.  The archive system is also reachable as vlibmail.verity.com; same
machine, same documents.  mccmedia.com is my company; I brought the
prototype of this software from there to Verity.