I have another question on that.

Is there horizontal pagination on CSS spec, or is there plan to add it?

Horizontal pagination means, when you see the paged media on screen,

you can move to the next page with horizontal scrolling instead of vertical scrolling.


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Title : Re: [css3-multicol/...] Pagination of (block) elements needed in CSS


CSS already defines pagination of arbitrary content, and has since at
least CSS 2.1.  The CSS Paged Media module
offers additional controls, and
the Fragmentation Module
generalizes the concept of a "page break" so much of the basic
page-break functionality can also be applied to elements breaking
across columns, etc.

Browsers don't implement pagination well, but everyone at least does
*basic* pagination more or less the same.

If you want to use HTML+CSS for publishing printed documents, you
might want to look into specialized CSS-based printing programs, such
as PrinceXML or WeasyPrint.  These have good implementations of the
pagination features, and sometimes additional abilities related to
printing that may be useful.