Yes! That's more or less the same thing.
But the way i described it would allows more things, as it doesn't require the 2 properties to be of the same (like setting the border width for an element to the left margin of another one, or the border color of an element to its own text color, etc).
Also, it didn't include things like
div.thisdiv { height: (div.otherdiv); }
div.otherdiv { height: (div.thisdiv); }
maybe because i didn't think about it, but also because i imagine it would be another step (really more complicated).
It would require, to set their heights, to know at this point what the logical heights are, and to calculate which is the bigger. Also, it would mean that this should be recalculated on every content change (like if javascript changes the contents, or if a :hover on some element changed in any way the height of any of .thisdiv and .otherdiv).

Maybe we should discuss this in your list rather than this one...

Le 16/01/2012 15:20, Matthew Wilcox a écrit :
I have suggested this before on the list:

On 16 January 2012 10:04, Brice PARENT <> wrote:
It would be really nice to have the ability to set a property's value
using a pointer to another property's value. To be more explicit, 3
examples :

..model{color:red; border:2px solid blue;}

/* simple pointer : */
..example1{color: as(.model);}
/* The text color is red (as found in .model{color:red;}) */

/* complete pointers */
..example2{margin: as(.model?border-width); background-color:
/* The margin is 2px on all sides (as found in
..model{border-width:2px;}), and the background color is blue (as found
in .model{border-color:blue}) */

/* inner pointer */
..example3{color:grey; border: 1px dashed as(?color);}
/* The border-color is grey (as found in .example3{color:grey;}) */

"as()" and "?" could of course be replaced by any other
keywords/keychars in the spec.
It would help a lot to manage big or multiple css files, and would
probably allow many other things.
If the model property doesn't exist, the property wouldn't do anything.
Of course, any property's value could be used for this (not only
dimensions and colors).

Possible problems :
- it would be harder to define the properties, as some of them would
have to wait for all the css to be computed before being set.
- Infinite loops could be created, but the property could be removed
immediately when a loop is found.

What do you think about it?